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Pilates & Yoga
History of Pilates

The Pilates Method was developed by German born Joseph Pilates (1880-1967). Pilates was a sickly child which led to an interest in health and wellness at an early age. Pilates was a gymnast, boxer, and circus performer. Pilates was interned at the Isle of Man during WWI along with other German citizens. It was at the camp that he began to attach springs above the beds to exercise sick detainees. Pilates later moved to New York where he opened a fitness studio. Pilates believed that it was important for the mind to control the body. He felt that a limited number of correct movements were more important than many done incorrectly. Pilates spent his life defining his method which included the development of numerous pieces of equipment and mat exercises.

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is a system of exercises performed to enhance overall body strength, core stabilization, and breath. The Pilates method complements chiropractic, massage therapy, physical therapy, and other fitness programs. Pilates is a great tool to find body awareness, focus on coordination, balance, and flexibility.

Who benefit from Pilates

Today Pilates is used by men, women, and children of all fitness levels from professional athletes to rehabilitation. Pilates can correct muscular imbalances within the body. Pilates creates better balance and coordination in seniors and pre and post pregnancy to increase strength in the pelvic floor. Pilates can be modified to fit the needs of each individual client.


Hatha Yoga is a system of poses (asana) that have been practiced for thousands of year. Yoga practice includes body movement, breath (pranayama), and meditation that create balance and harmony within the body. Movement through poses can be gentle and relaxing, or invigorating and challenging.

Benefits of yoga include: increased flexibility, balance, breath awareness, and stress relief.



Our instructor, Jennifer Mullis, is now accepting appointments for both individual and group sessions during the following hours:

Monday 12-5

Tuesday 12-5

Thursday 12-5

Friday 10-1

Special Introductory Price for new clients-  $99 for 3 private sessions!!  (used within 1 month) 

Private Sessions
One hour private session of yoga, Pilates reformer or mat

Single    $60
5 pack    $275
10 pack  $500

Duet Session
One hour session for you and a partner of yoga, Pilates reformer or mat

Single     $35 per person
5 pack     $150 per person
10 pack   $250 per person

Small Group Classes-
3-4 person circuit training workout using the Pilates reformer, mat, props (bands, balls, rollers, magic circles). This class is intended to be fun and challenging.  Must have completed Intro Package and be approved by instructor before registering. 

Single    $15

24 hour notice is required for cancellation. 
Please wear socks during your session.